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In Step With The Seasons, is an exciting new program we are developing to help our AWC and the larger community focus on reconnecting with self, community and nature in ways that are healing and supportive. The goal of In Step With The Seasons will be to tie together the comprehensive teachings of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the wisdom and nurturing of being in Nature, and the nourishment and healing of food through Eating with the Seasons.  Currently, we would like your input and comments about one of the components of this program that we will be implementing in conjunction with Lauren Bathgate, LCSW-C, PMH-C, (Guided in Nature). Lauren, and her unique approach to healing while being in Nature, will lead groups in a local park focusing on observing and being present while walking and moving in Nature in order to help us return to a sense of balance and healthy relationships.  

​Many of us have become increasingly disconnected from one another, from ourselves, and from the natural world that is meant to support us.  Our desire to help people reconnect with themselves, community and nature has inspired us to create this seasonal walking/nature group and we would like your feedback to see who would be interested. 

Who can benefit from being a part of our nature therapy program?

  • Individuals struggling with feeling isolated and not feeling safe walking or being in nature alone;
  • Individuals looking for community;
  • Individuals wanting to regain a sense of grounding/balance - physically, emotionally, spiritually;
  • Individuals wanting to move in an easy, non-stressful, non-judgemental group;
  • Individuals wanting to reconnect with nature;
  • Individuals just looking to get healthy.

When would this group meet?
We will follow the natural rhythms of the seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), knowing that being in nature provides invaluable lessons to help us renew and restore our health and vitality.  We will meet in 6 week increments each season, so you can participate in one or all seasons throughout the year.  During each session Lauren would lead the group in nature-informed therapy activities which would also include gentle movement or walks. Currently we are looking to meet at Double Rock Park in Parkville, MD since there are easily accessible trails that could accommodate every level of walking ability.  We will provide the exact dates after getting feedback from those interested in our nature therapy group. General dates and TCM Seasons are as follows:

Spring Session:  March 20- June 20
Summer Session: June 20-Aug 15
Late Summer Session: August 15-September 22
Autumn Session: September 22-December 21
Winter Session: December 21- March 20

We appreciate your feedback….and look forward to connecting with you and getting back in step with the seasons. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions at ​443-219-1220. 

In Step With The Seasons
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