Essential Oils

Anxiety Release
Life has its ups and downs. It’s normal to feel anxious when life’s upsets get in the way. The pure essential oils in this blend help promote a sense of inner peace and harmony while easing nervousness, irritability, and apprehension. Soothing and relaxing, this is our most popular blend because we all have those days.

● Orange - Helps chase away tension and stress and encourages a positive outlook.
● Lavender – Helps soothe tension allowing for quieting the mind.
● Clary Sage – Its warming and relaxing properties help slow a racing mind.
● Geranium – Has a grounding effect that helps ease nervous tension.
● Vetiver – Reputed to be great for calming stress and tension.
● Roman Chamomile - Helps promote peace and quell feelings of tension and anger.

This calming and grounding blend of essential oils helps one to seek peace of mind. Believed to encourage individuality, decisiveness, and optimism. Breathe this blend in deeply to help you rediscover your sense of balance when life throws you a curveball.

● Patchouli – This earthy aroma is grounding and balancing for the mind.
● Lavender – Helps stabilize and balance moods, soothing, calming.
● Elemi – Grounding, helps encourage feelings of peace and joyfulness.
● Lemon – Uplifting, helps provide clarity.
● Orange – Helps revive a lethargic mind, encourages a positive outlook.
● Clary Sage – Encourages positive feelings which helps put life in perspective.

Mentally Sharp
Need help staying awake? A motivating and mentally energizing blend of pure essential oils crafted to help improve concentration, reduce mental fatigue, and enhance awareness. This study buddy is perfect for students of all ages!

● Basil - Sharpens the senses and encourages concentration, alertness, and memory retention.
● Lemon - Helps improve clarity of thought, uplifting and energizing, promotes optimism.
● Rosemary - Helps clear mental fatigue and improve memory.
● Peppermint - Mentally energizing, awakens the senses.
● Clove Bud - Useful to offset mental lethargy and act as a good memory aid.
● Cardamom - Invigorating, helps clear confusion, increase focus, and reduce drowsiness.
● Cedarwood -Calming and soothing, helping to aid meditation and enhance concentration.

After a long day, we need time to unwind. This blend helps start us on that journey. These pure essential oils have traditionally been considered helpful in calming nervous tension, worry, and fear. Soothe your mind by diffusing this relaxing blend at bedtime or dilute with a carrier oil and use in the bath or massage.
● Lavender - Soothing, calming, balancing, well known to promote relaxation and restfulness.
● Tangerine - Helps relieve stress and tension.
● Marjoram - Has a generally relaxing effect that helps relieve tension.
● Petitgrain - Soothes and relaxes nerves, balancing, uplifting, and calming.
● Vetiver - Deeply relaxing, grounding, meditative, used traditionally as a sleep aid and to restore emotional balance.
● Patchouli - Emotionally grounding and balancing, may help relax tension and improve your mood.
● Roman Chamomile - Very soothing, helps promote relaxation and peace, helps calm the mind.

Defend Naturally
Don’t leave home without a bottle of Defend Naturally during cold and flu season! This blend combines some of the best essential oils for colds.Use as a means of fortifying the immune system and as a natural cleanser. Defend Naturally is also a great addition to home cleaning products.

●      Lemon – Helps support healthy immune and respiratory systems
●      Cinnamon - A tonic for the respiratory system, eases breathing difficulties
●      Lavender – Helpful to the respiratory system, soothing, restorative.
●      Rosemary – A tonic for the respiratory system, helps fight off infections.
●      Tea Tree – Helps fortify the immune and respiratory systems, cleansing.
●      Clove Bud – Helpful in cleansing the air when diffused, fortifying.
●      Elemi –Helps strengthen a healthy immune system.
●      Thyme – improves the action of white blood cells, fortifies the lungs

Emotional Rescue
This blend of essential oils creates an emotionally strengthening synergy that encourages positive thoughts and an overall feeling of well-being. Together these eight essential oils form a grounding and rejuvenating addition to your life. Perfect for those days when you need an extra dose of mental energy.

●      Orange - Known to alleviate tension and stress, fight fatigue, boost mental clarity, and encourage a positive outlook
●      Lavandin – Refreshing for a tired mind and is helpful in stress-related situations
●      Cedarwood - A soothing addition that can help calm anxiety and enhance concentration
●      Geranium - Known to be uplifting, mentally balancing, helping to relieve stress and anxiety
●      Coriander - An uplifting, mentally motivating, warming oil
●      Cardamom - A revitalizing addition to help aid concentration and emotional well-being
●      Vetiver - Known for its calming, grounding properties
●      Immortelle - Useful in relieving nervous tension and fighting lethargy.

Breathe Blend
Don’t stress through cold or allergy seasons! Breathe easier with this blend of pure essential oils that are traditionally used to help support healthy respiratory and immune systems. This blend can also help keep nasal passages open when exercising or participating in sports

●      Basil – Often used for sinus congestion and other related issues, uplifting, may help with mental alertness and inspire confidence.
●      Niaouli - Energizing, reviving, often used for sinus congestion and other related issues.
●      Eucalyptus – Helps open nasal passageways and ease mucus and inflamed membranes.
●      Pine – Helps ease breathlessness and clear sinuses, mentally refreshing.
●      Rosemary – Said to be a tonic for the lungs helping with breathing issues.
●      Lavender – Beneficial to the respiratory system, relaxing, calming, restorative.
●      Cedarwood – Its expectorant properties help ease respiratory conditions.

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