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Jacki Szimanski,CPT-NASM, CES, PNS

Jacki Szimanski is known as the “kinder and gentler” personal trainer and nutrition counselor.  Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Precision Nutrition, Jacki meets you where you are on your fitness journey.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete or you are deciding to take control of your physical body for the first time, Jacki can help guide you on your path.  As a life-long athlete, she realizes the importance of preparing your body for physical activity and also how to recover from injury and illness.   She is a big advocate of self-care, making sure that you take care of yourself so that you can be fit to live your best life.

As the owner of
Be Well Fitness, Jacki has helped her clients, particularly women over 40, to achieve long term results by helping them set, accomplish, and maintain their health and nutrition goals.

She is certified as a Senior Fitness Specialists, for people over 55, as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, helping people suffering from joint and muscle pain due to muscle imbalances.

Jacki offers step-by-step guidance during your personal training or nutrition counseling session and will create a specialized program just for you.  Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or just feel fit, she can work with you to make it happen.

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