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Yevgeniya (Jenny) Libkhen is a functional nutritionist and a holistic health consultant. She is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN), a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS®), and is a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP). Through food, mindfulness, lifestyle changes, consistent support, education, motivation, and encouragement, Jenny supports her clients through the journey of improving their health, optimizing their body’s function, and enhancing well-being. 

Jenny’s practice philosophy is focused on bio individuality. Each client is seen as a whole person, not as a disease. Each person is believed to be unique, requiring a highly personalized approach for their specific situation, state of physical and mental health, pace of life. Jenny strives to meet each client where they are, hold their hand and walk the health journey with them: holding space, honoring the present, and offering support at every step and at every pause.

Jenny’s clinical focus is on optimizing function of the body through identifying potential root causes, physiological pathways involved, and supporting the entire system with food, movement, stress reduction, herbs, supplements, and other modalities. 

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Fitness professional, Jacki Szimanski, will provide exercise programs and instruction to help each client reach their personal health and fitness goals.

Fitness professional, Jacki Szimnaski, is trained to help people over 55 increase their longevity and boost their quality of life by using fitness training to increase flexibility, balance and strength.

Senior Fitness Specialist

Precision Nutritionist

Nutrition coach, Jacki Szimanski, will provide guidance with eating and lifestyle changes so that good nutrition habits can be formed and followed to achieve the desired results.

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Nutrition Counseling

Personal Training ​& Nutrition Counseling

Fitness specialist, Jacki Szimanski, is trained to identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses, prescribe exercise to fix them and help to form healthy habits to maintain a strong and balanced body.

Certified Personal Training

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