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"I can't say enough good things about Acupuncture & Wellness Center. I've been going to Donna for acupuncture for over four years and every session leaves me feeling rejuvenated. I have back issues, so I went more often during my pregnancy and never once had major back pain!! She is amazing at what she does and she can treat the mind, body and soul! The atmosphere is warm, calming and inviting as well, which makes the experience even better  :) " - Nicole M.

"I would be lost without Edwin! I can go into Acupuncture with a migraine that has been killing me for days and come out pain and stress free. I highly recommend either Edwin or Donna to anyone who experiences physical or stress related issues. They are genuinely kind, caring, and just so talented at identifying and treating anything. I only wish I had the time and insurance coverage to go more often!" - Katie C.

"I can't say enough great things about Donna and Edwin! They listen, they care and they treat from their hearts. Every time I go for a treatment, it is an amazing experience - super relaxing and always leave feeling amazing!" - Monique S.

"One of my favorite healing places and I love the people there too!" - Jackie Yancey Boone

"Donna is ABSOLUTELY awesome!!!! She is truly my angel here on earth. She has helped me to heal mentally, spiritually and physically. THANK DR. are the Best! Peace, Love & Happiness!!"  - Karen M.

"Acupuncture & Wellness Center is incredible. I've had acupuncture at two other offices and neither was like this. The level of care I receive here is beyond my expectations; I've never felt so cared for by healthcare professionals. I feel like they truly want me to feel better and care about me as a person." - Melissa

"Ed and Donna are awesome and give great care!" - Terry B.

"Why do I acupuncture? My journey with acupuncture is not traditional. When I started, I did not have any aches, pains, system malfunctions, or anything out of the ordinary. I lead a healthy life style, my activities fluctuate but overall one would consider me active. Something was missing, not quite right; I could never put a finger on it. I turned to Dr. Google (the omnipotent all-knowing). I do see a therapist as part of my wellness plan, so I thought my mental health was being tended to; life was fine, good, great most days. (Here comes the continue reading my essay cheesy hook line)… And yet, something still didn’t feel quite right.

Why did I feel so out of whack? I have activities that I love to do and am passionate about, I am gainfully employed, and generally a sweet, joyful person, and most days love my life. On the outside, nothing looks wrong and most days, on the inside things look OK but do not FEEL OK. I needed to do something - I did not feel like being out of whack. My insurance covered acupuncture (and Dr. Google recommended it), so I figured; it would not hurt to try it out. I had my concerns; would it hurt, would I scream, cry? Would I be like Charlotte, in ‘Sex and the City’ (season 4 ep 11), when she experiences acupuncture for the first time to help her fertility while married to Trae? Above all, I was asking, would this really help?

The process is interesting and is more clinical than you would think. The practitioner asks you questions about your overall health and well-being as well as questions about things that are bothering you and things going on in your life. They will check the color of your tongue; check your abdomen, and several pulse points on your wrists. Then they make the assessment of which points will best treat your mood or pains. Then it comes, the pins. Some you don’t ever feel, other’s you’ll feel a small pin prick, and even more you’ll question, ‘why did you put one there?’ (Head, earlobe, pinky finger). Then, it is naptime! Usually there will be some tranquil music and the aromatherapy scents, I enjoy my rest. Sometimes you can feel the pins working, other times, not. It depends on the points and what is going on determines what I feel. It is never painful, but sometimes I can feel a light pulsing or tingling – I like to think that it is just my rivers of energy releasing or gaining whatever it is that it needs (this may not happen to you). I have had weird daydreams, and sometimes it is a very active meditation for me. Before you know it, your treatment is over, the pins come out, and you are ready to face the day or the night. My acupuncturist always says to me your third eye is glowing – apparently, this is one of the places in my body where I keep all of my worry.

At the beginning of my journey, I was in the office once or twice a week. Now I am on monthly or as needed basis. My irritable bowel syndrome has been at bay (even better than my life style changes I made to keep it in check); I was able to rehab a herniated disc through acupuncture and chiropractic care – avoiding surgery and I have maintained general wellness. Most importantly, when things start feeling ‘not quite right’ or I am ‘out of whack’, I know I need to make an appointment and get my inner rivers flowing again.

Acupuncture works for my lifestyle and my goals. I like the idea of using the energy of my own body to heal it. It also makes sense to me that you take your car for repairs and fluid changes – why would you not want to do that for your body, keeping it in tip-top shape.

I cannot speak more highly of Donna and Edwin, from day one they have made me feel not only welcomed, but loved. I love and respect them both as practitioners and people. They are kind, respectful, and truly believe in helping you be your best self. They are a treasure in my journey of wellness and in my life." - MBZ

"Donna is incredible. She is an angel and the big sister I never had. I'm healthy because of her." - Michelle B.

"I've been with Donna before she opened her own place. She and Ed are the best!" - Shaquetta C.

"When you walk in the door to the Wellness Center and are greeted with a hug, you know you are in a place of comfort and healing. I was skeptical and had never envisioned myself using acupuncture but after many month of suffering with migraine headaches, a good friend suggested I try it. Acupuncture has changed by life, Donna Degnan has changed my life!  Her knowledge and skill are evident the first time you are treated but it’s her compassion that won me over. She truly cares about the “whole” you.  I am now almost headache free and feeling well.  I will continue to use Donna’s services for years to come. I thank my lucky stars that I found her. You will too!"  ​-Sue W.